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Site Clearance

ITC Offer full Site clearance and re-cycling Services from one off single box items collected from your door to 36 Tonne arctic loads collected from your site.

This service gives small, medium and larger companies a cost effective hardware removal process with full inventory listing as required and possible re-sale value on certain items.

Security is given on data products with our DATA - Sure guarantee that all machines are either destroyed or data wiped prior to re-sale.

If You require a site clearance, computer disposals, asset management or quotation please feel free to call or e-mail for further details , remember this could possibly bring in valuable revenue to your company or at the very least save you considerable funds on your disposal costs.

The constant development and increasing complexity of the IT environment is not only fundamentally altering the way businesses run, it is prompting a rethink of how companies value and manage their asset base. IT has established itself as a bedrock for successful business, but it is also one of the most fluid and notoriously difficult assets to keep track of.

ITC Asset Management Support Service enables your company to acquire an accurate and comprehensive record of all IT assets and to predict future requirements effectively and cost-efficiently. ITC's specialist consultants can manage and monitor all IT assets and identify gaps and anomalies in hardware and software applications, helping you plan ahead more effectively.

Our experts gather detailed information on all aspects of your desktop PC’s, servers and other IT hardware including the speed of processors and what service packs are installed. An in-depth software auditing service ensures the correct number of licenses are held and that no unauthorised software packages are operating.



With ITC’s Asset Management & Computer Disposals Support Services your company will be able to:

Gain an accurate understanding of the whole IT asset base and its value

Keep the asset base up to date and tightly targeted to the needs of the business

Identify any anomalies in the existing system and take corrective action

Avoid the unnecessary expense and wastage of poorly audited systems

Receive regular status reports and recommendations

Prevent and detect illegal or unlicensed software being used

The increasing complexity and ever-evolving nature of today’s distributed IT environment means it is more important than ever to track every IT asset. Failing to fully audit your hardware and software can lead to increased costs and make it difficult to plan technology migration programs.

ITC can audit your software to itemize which applications you have installed, ensure you hold the correct number of licenses and that there are no unauthorized installations. We also offer auditing and asset management for your hardware with full reporting.


Site Clearance

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Full Site Clearance & Asset Management reports available to all corporate clients.

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