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With increased technological complexity and high-quality IT skills in short supply many companies may choose to source their IT support services externally. As users demand ever-better performance the burden on support staff in many companies can seem insurmountable.

ITC’s Full Management Service is designed to support those companies that would prefer to delegate the management of their IT support to outside experts. Full management is often a difficult and reluctant choice made by companies struggling to keep on top of the growing pressures on support departments. ITC eliminates these concerns by taking control of the IT support function by working hand-in-hand with your business.

Companies could save up to 25% of the costs of purchasing, operating and maintaining IT systems using our on-site or off-site programs – or by combining both. We can ensure savings by negotiating with suppliers during procurement for substantially improved per unit costs and faster delivery, provide constant monitoring of all systems and also identify and eliminate any problems which may occur along the way.



With ITC’s Full Management Support Services your company will be able to:

Make substantial savings on the purchase and management of the whole IT infrastructure

Rely full-time on a team of experts freeing management to focus on core business

Eliminate entirely concerns about recruiting a qualified in-house support team

Guarantee an optimal experience for the end-user with help on call at all times

If required, we can manage a company's entire IT infrastructure on their behalf, or key elements of it, whatever is preferred. We can become one of the team or the whole virtual department. Where we provide full management services we aim to save at least 25% of its IT management and maintenance costs.

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